A 13 Year Old with Ulcerative Colitis; No More Symptoms

My 13 Year Old No Longer Has Symptoms Of Ulcerative Colitis

I was referred to Dr. Ettinger by a friend after my 13 year old daughter struggled with Ulcerative Colitis. By 13 she had lost 25% of her body weight, weighed only 69 pounds and was home bound, homeschooling and very poor quality of life due to the illness. Her traditional GI was pushing for Immunosuppressive drugs but after reading about all the risks and side effects, I couldn’t do it unless it was a last resort.

After working with Dr. Ettinger, and his knowledge about the body, what causes certain conditions, and how to heal the body naturally with diet and nutritional supplements, she is now back in school, playing sports, actively involved at church, back to healthy weight and living her life again.

Dr. Ettinger is caring and authentic. He truly cares about his patients and is dedicated to helping them get well. He has been very flexible and I have no problems getting appointments when I need them.

Renee C.