H. pylori Still There After 5 Rounds of Antibiotics

I went to Dr. Marcus Ettinger to be treated for H-Pylori.

Prior to that, I was being treated by 2 GI’s (Gastroenterologists) who had told me that there is nothing more that they can do for me. I had taken 5 courses of antibiotics and that darn bacteria still did not go away. I found Dr. Ettinger through a chat forum for H-Pylori. When I contacted him and explained what dire straits I was in, he was able to get me in for an appointment right away. What a relief!! I was truly at a loss after what the GI’s had told me. Dr. Ettinger gave me a natural treatment protocol to follow, and within 3 weeks the bacteria was gone. My gastroenterologist asked for the information on Dr. Ettinger so that he could refer patients to him.

Dr. Marcus Ettinger is the picture of health, provides great service, and a few times, he went to the clinic just to see me. He is truly concerned for his patients and treats them as his number one priority. As I am writing this, I have tears in my eyes. When I went to him I had no hope whatsoever of getting rid of my H-Pylori infection, especially after what the GI’s had told me. His clinic/office is very clean and he is a generous and kind practitioner. Dr. Ettinger gives you only what you need, nothing extra, and he has a vast knowledge about health and constantly keeps up to date on the latest in nutrition and diet.

What a joy it is to be treated by Dr. Marcus Ettinger, DC. I was just at his office earlier today. I come back feeling happy and elated… Of course, he knows his subject matter and he is up to date with his information. I would recommend Dr. Ettinger without hesitation!

Mashael M.