My Son is Chronically Sick with Lyme and SIBO

I think I am educating the docs now through Dr. Ettinger’s help

I have found Dr. Ettinger’s help indispensable!  My son is chronically sick with Lyme and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.  I juggle many different docs as we try to take him out of an acute state of pain.  Dr. Ettinger has been the voice of reason for us, and helps to weed out the superfluous recommendations and stick with the necessary supplements and protocols.  I’ve found the calls to be very educational, for me. As I head back to our many doctors I’m now very aware of the situations I had not understood prior.

He knows so much about the body’s various systems–and from a holistic and functional standpoint, I think I am educating the docs now through his help!  Conventional medicine just does not take the “whole body” into account–I only feel safe seeing a conventional doc when I can get feedback from Dr. E after.

I found him online (he had the best information–and I’ve spent A LOT of time searching for smart people), and we’ve spoken many, many times over the past nine months.  I just wish I were closer!!  I know there is a lot he could do in his office to help too….a trip may be coming!  Thanks Doc!

Leslie C.