Biofilm and H. pylori Treatment Update – 09 July 2013

I have been helping patients, for over 4 years now, with treatment for H. pylori, a biofilm-producing, gram-negative, bacteria. In the beginning, eradicating this bad actor was very easy, just a simple treatment was needed.  As time progressed, I began to notice that the same protocol I had been using was becoming less and less effective – on first timers, not re-treatments.  Medically there was no obvious explanation for why people who had never been treated for H. pylori were now becoming unresponsive to a protocol, which up to this point had been very successful.  Energetically there was an answer, for me anyway, based on the research done by Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., in Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance.  Please read about this theory for further clarification.

Because of this new shift in loss of effectiveness, in some patients, I have had to use more than one round of antimicrobial and biofilm disrupting products, or add many more products to the existing protocol.  The end result has always been eradication, but it’s now taking more to achieve the same result.  As a side-note, lately, there have been people contacting me that have already undergone triple and quadruple therapies, to no avail. This proves, in my mind, that biofilm and the bacteria’s that create them are learning to defend themselves more effectively.

My theory is that with the introduction of blogs, chat-rooms and websites devoted to H. pylori and biofilm, more and more people are self-treating.  This self-treating is not killing the H. pylori or eliminating the biofilm, but to the contrary, making them both stronger by educating them, which leads to building up the biofilm defense. Every time a bacteria that produces a biofilm is unsuccessfully treated it becomes more resistant to the next protocol.  When this is combined with the theory of Morphic Fields, it’s no wonder that H. pylori and biofilm eradication is becoming harder and harder to achieve.  The point of all of this is that there are still effective treatment options available. Eradication may just take a little more time and/or more products, allopathic and natural, to get to the desired end result.

Lastly, I am not against self-treating but the data out there on biofilm and H. pylori is not comprehensive enough for the layperson to be their own doctor and self-treat successfully.  I have always advocated that if you want to get better with or at something, you need a coach who is an expert in that field or subject.  There are times and places where self-help is great – biofilm and H. pylori treatment is not one of them.  This and the explanation above is just my opinion.